Industrial Indicator

Indikator Timbangan Digital CAS CI-502A


  • 4 steps control
  • External input : 4ea
  • External output : 6ea
  • Various control modes : Limit mode, Packer mode, Checker mode
  • Application : Tester, Platform scale, Animal scale, Truck scale,
    Packing scale, checking scale, Hopper scale etc.

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Industrial Weighing Indicator

Indicator with accurate and precise weighing for rough industrial environment

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Weighing Controller CI-502A series is capable of fast and accurate weighing via High-performance A/D converter. Suitable for a wide variety of applications from general platform scales to advanced weighingequipment such as hopper and packing scales.


Prompt control and accurate weighing

Enables prompt control and accurate weighing in various industrial environments with A/D conversion speed of 200 times/second and 1/10,000 high degradability.


RFI & EMI shield

CI-500A Series enables stable system operation in environments with a lot of noise through RFI (radio frequency interruption) & EMI (electronic interruption) shield.


Bright and clear LED display and Sub display​

The rubber key of CI-501A Series provides outstanding key texture and enables accurate key operation without slipping. In addition, easy and fast operation and setting is possible with number key and various function keys and the function desired by the user can be saved in Short-cut key (F1, F2).


Easy operation and setting

Weight value can be checked easily through 20mm high intensity LED display and through Sub display (CI-500A/507A), setting values and various information can be analyzed and set easily.

Terminal block applied

By applying terminal block, it can be connected to external devices (Printer, PLC, Controller etc) easily.

Built-in serial communication

It has built-in serial communication (Current loop, Printer, RS-232C) as basic so it can be connected to printer, external indicator and PC.

Various application fields

Suitable for a wide variety of applications ranging from general platform scales to advaced weighing and measuring equipment that requires a high level of sequence. Such equipment as hopper and packing scales will general benifit form the unique capabilities of the CI-500A series.

Product Characteristics

  • High Speed-high degradability
  • Bright and large display 12×20 (WxH mm)
  • Weight Back-up (Remembers data during black-outs)
  • Terminal block applied
  • Interface
  • 3-color LED according to weight changes (Red,Yellow,Green)
  • Supports user defined function Key (F1,F2,F3)
  • Supports RS-232C/Current loop function

Interface :

  • Standard : RS-232C, Current loop, Printer port
  • Optional : Analog out (V-out: 0~10V, I-out: 4~20mA), BCD In/Out, RS-422, RS-485

Product Specification



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