Truck Scale

The Shasa Scale weighbridge consists of products with good quality, accuracy, strength and a guarantee. Using quality basic materials, this weighbridge can be used in extreme weather and conditions no matter how difficult it is without reducing the accuracy and durability of the scale.

Model :

  • Portable
  • Pit
  • Pitless
  • Semi Pitless

Capacity : 10ton ~ 150ton
Platform Size: Product standards

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Industrial weighing solution

Our weigh bridges are built with strong, sturdy construction structures and have modern digital systems in various models and types to meet the needs of the weigh bridge industry in Indonesia.


  • PITLES Model (Atas Tanah)
  • SEMI PITLES Model (Semi Atas Tanah)
  • PIT Model (Rata Tanah)
  • PORTABLE (dapat dipindahkan)


  • Konstruksi: Menggunakan Baja kualitas tinggi, terdiri dari batang utama (main beam) dan system knockdown meliputi cross beam, dan plate shipped.
  • Load Cell: menggunakan type compression dan double ended beam terbuat dari bahan stainless steel yang tahan air dan debu, kelembaban dan korosi.
  • Indicator: Kalibrasi full digital LED Display built-in interal printer, backup battery dan proteksi terhadap tegangan yang tidak stabil.
  • Junction Box: Junction box explosion dengan innate safe, dilengkapi tutup meta stainless steel agar terlindungi dengan baik.
  • Software: Software lengkap untuk timbang, laporan, backup data, multi user.


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