Timbangan Sapi ANP-T18 Sonic

Timbangan Hewan Ternak Portable ANP T18

Livestock weighing solutions

Best performance and accurate weighing statistic


– Stabile and accurate weighing statistic
– Can averagehold value of weight
– Red LED Display
– Built in RS-232
– Rechargeable battery

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Animal Scale Portable


Timbangan hewan portable ANP T18 memiliki desain yang ringkas dan mudah dibawa serta memiliki kemampuan untuk menimbang berbagai jenis hewan seperti domba, kambing, atau sapi dengan akurat.


Animal Scale Portable ANP T18

The ANP T18 animal scale is designed to be sturdy and accurate, an important tool in the process of measuring cattle weight because it helps in monitoring the growth and health of livestock, as well as in weight management for maintenance and marketing purposes.


Load Bar ANP T18

  • 1.000kg x 0.5kg
  • 2.000kg x 1kg

1.000 x 100 x 100mm

Indicator Overview

Sonic T18 weighing indicator adopts high anti-jaming single-chip microprocessor and high precision ∑ – A / D conversion technology, wildly applied in platform scale, platform balance and other weighing applications.


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