Super H20 Waterproof Scale

Waterproof Scale

Best used in

Industrial environment, fisheries, general trade, markets, households and general balances.

Product Capacity:

  • 3kg x 0.2g
  • 6kg x 0.5g
  • 15kg x 1g
  • 30kg x 2g
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Waterproof Scale

The Super H20 waterproof scale is very stable and accurate in weighing in wet and humid environments.

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Brigth LED Double Display

Large and clear LED display numbers (Front & Rear) – DOUBLE DISPLAY


Material Scales

  • Plastic scale housing / body material.
  • Stainless steel weighing pan material.

Support AC/DC Power

Power Supply :
– AC 220V (±10%)
– DC6V/5Ah
– Rechargeable battery


Product Characteristics

  • Large and clear LED display numbers (Front & Rear) – DOUBLE DISPLAY
  • Waterproof IP 68
  • Storage temperature 25°C – 50°C
  • Usage temperature -5°C – 35°C
  • Plastic housing / scale body material
  • Stainless steel weighing pan material
  • Scale Size: 240(W) x 260(L) x 150(H)mm
  • Pan / weighing tray size: 210(W) x 175(L)mm
  • Cardboard Size (1 pc): 300(W) x 260(L) x 170(H)mm
  • Power Supply: AC 220V (±10%) DC6V/5Ah Rechargeable battery
  • Weight of 1 box (1 pc): 4kg

Function and Use:

  • Suitable for use in production areas where there is a lot of vibration
  • In accordance with the IP 68 water proof specifications, it can be used in wet and humid environments, still pay attention to the waterproof protective seal of the scale and pay attention when charging the battery
  • Weighing the weight of the load
  • Hi Lo scale value for checking the minimum, standard and maximum weight / value of an item which can be adjusted according to needs
  • Selectable weighing unit function kg / gr / lb
  • Easy and easy to use scale operation and settings
  • Setting or changing the scale capacity which can be adjusted according to the scale settings (depending on the initial capacity of the scale)
  • Can be moved to various weighing locations according to the conditions and terms of use of the scale

Manual Calibration

Super H20

Waterproof Scale


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