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Electronic Balance Scale

High precision and accurate scales with the best performance

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  • HZY-A
  • HZY-B 3000R (pan bulat)
  • HZY-B 3000S (pan kotak)
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Electronic Balance Scale

Best performance of Electronic Balance HZY Series highly precise weighing instrument commonly used in scientific laboratories, research facilities, and quality control environments.

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High precision and accurate with stand vibration, air currents and temperature fluctuations.


HZY - A Spesification


HZY - B Spesification


Product Feature


LCD Display

Large LCD Display with Backlight.

Glass Winshield

The glass windshield functions as a wind barrier, making the scale more stable and accurate.


Response time in 2 seconds

Keep the weighing stable with the standard response.

Built-in Hook

Hooks are available for weighing in the water.

RS-232 Interface

RS232 connection to PC / computer Can be connected to an external printer and score board.


Counting Mode

Selectable Weighing units and count mode.


  • Suitable for use in laboratories
  • Suitable for food production / mixing / ingredient composition
  • Has a fast responsive character (2 seconds)
  • Weighing the weight of the load in milli grams and adding / Counting the load with a uniform weight
  • Selectable weighing unit function gr / ct / lb / oz / ozt / GN / dwt / N / t / T / A / R
  • Easy and easy to use scale operation and settings
  • RS232 connection with computer (Windows 7) with RS cable and weighing software “GENWEIGH)
  • Can be connected to a CK printer / Ticket Printer
  • Can be connected to the Score board
  • Can be moved to various weighing locations according to the conditions and conditions of use of the scale (pay attention to room temperature)

Manual Calibration

HZY Series

Electronic Balance Scale


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