MK-Cells TS-7

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MK-TS7 touch screen weighing indicator is a kind of weighing indicator specializing in digital truck scale application. It adopts the technical platform of multi-task operation system, TFT display and all touch operation. It has digital advantage to a considerable degree and shows directly and scale adjustment operation by graphical form and make it clear and high efficient: it reminds wrong operation and error by dialog, and the descriptive instruction in the dialogue make the error solution and precise, it has the management interface for the clear weighing data record and suitable for static digital truck scale system.

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Weighing Indicator MK-Cells TS-7 for Truck Scale application Touch Screen Display

  1. 7 inch 800*480 TFT color display
  2. Built in surge arrestor for lighting protection in the PCB board
  3. Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) shield
  4. High precise touch operation and quick reaction speed, no need for external keyboard support
  5. Support Ethernet Interface, RS232, RS485, parallel printing interface and scareboard interface
  6. Built and date and time memory function
  7. Various interfaces for digital scale adjustment and make full use of the digital function for truck scale
  8. Very easy to use, all manual instruction show in the display of indicator
  9. Abnormal condition reminding with clear information and instruction for error solution
  10. Support english touch score board input and make word editing easier
  11. Supporting column load cells with angle test (optional)
  12. Multi-level management for users, maintenance people and manufacturers
  13. Support routine UP communication protocol
  14. Isolated load cell with all external connection device in electric part and the load cell has no influence the external electric leakage, the load cell interface of indicator has strong anti surge and static protection
  15. Type setting function for printing weighing notes


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