GST-9800 Terminal

Leading the standard for the all in one weighing indicatorr, the GST-9800 Terminal is designed spesifically for the truck weighing. It allows for a range of operational scenarios all in one setup, from weigh-in/weigh-out or tare weight, gross weight and net weight to truck ids. Additionally, the alpha-unmeric keypad allows for easy entry comapny name, truck ID and etc. To press Print button the build-in printer can printout time/date weigh-in, weigh-out and net weights.

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Indicator Timbangan GSC GST-9800 Terminal


  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • 1.5 inch/38mm height bright-red LED display with six digits.
  • The second LCD display with backlight show time/date/year weigh-in/weigh-out and net weights (or tare, gross and net weights).
  • The indicators’s database can store 1000 truck IDs including time/date/year weigh-in/weigh-out and net weights.
  • Two RS-232 serial ports provide easy connectivity to remote display and PCs.
  • The Alpha numeric keypad allows for easy entry company name, truck IDs and etc.
  • A high 1,000,000 count internal resolution, and selectable display resolution delivers precision for the most demanding application.
  • Drive up to 12X350ohm load cells.
  • Dimensions (excluding Connectors) Length : 223mm, Height 143mm, Width 265mm.


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